Kebab Illusion

A Variation of Kebab Illusion

Here, I show you new illusion, Kebab Illusion.  This illusion is a GIF animation which is composed of three frames.

Time-line of Kebab Illusion

You will percieve the illusory motion in the line.  At the same time, the pre-cue presented at the Frame 1 may shift in the direction of the motion.

A Variation of Kebab Illusion

Real and Percieved

Plesase refer to the following paper and Prof Kitaoka's Web Page for detail.

Watanabe, E., Matsunaga, W., and Kitaoka, A., Motion signals deflect relative positions of moving objects, Vision Research 50, 2381-2390 (2010)

Prof Kitaoka's Web page

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