The Fiction Science Contest

[arXiv] "Evolutionary Generation of Visual Motion Illusions"

Using Optical Illusions and AI to Study Brain Function [Video content from NHK world]

Okazaki Genkikan Illusion, Prize-winning work of the 13th Illusion Contest in Japan

[code] PredNet in pytorch and related data

[arXiv] "Artificial Perception Meets Psychophysics, Revealing a Fundamental Law of Illusory Motion"

[arXiv] "Motion Illusion-like Patterns Extracted from Photo and Art Images Using Predictive Deep Neural Networks"

[bioRxiv] "Laterally biased diffusion of males of the water flea Daphnia magna"

Monstre Matin Illusion: 10th Award of the 12th Illusion Contest in Japan

EIGen: Evolutionary Illusion Generator

Motion illusions arise from light source ambiguity

Monstre Benham Illusion: 2nd Award of the 11th Illusion Contest in Japan

11th Visual Illusion and Auditory Illusion Contest in Japan

[code] PredNet in Chainer and related data

Collaborative Research with Yamamoto lab.